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Taj Mahal, Agra, India,
textured photos by lhovde

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Chopin's Nocturne for Piano
No. 1 in B Flat Major Op.9-1
Arthur Rubinstein, piano

The Quest for Adventure

Adventure is one of the oldest quests, second only to the Truth. The adventurer longs for novel experiences set in exotic locations, something that seemingly may not ever happen if 'stuck' in one physical location. These experiences rearrange cultural and geographic frames of reference and tantalize to tease-open the psyche, thus inspiring and encouraging self-discovery.

While travel is easy nowadays, predictable life patterns and line-of-sight, quip-to-ear media may keep us from hitting the road and being the overtly apparent hero or heroine in our own story of life. Someone said,

"Being your own hero (heroine) in life is cheaper than a movie ticket and infinitely more difficult than leaving it to someone else."

Adventurers take up the gauntlet overtly.  Some make progress and many make laughable fools of themselves--running away!  See Travelogue and Peace Corps.  Others, comfy in the armchair, taking a well-merited breather from busy lives and honored priorities, choose to stand and deliver on the home front. Reading expands insights and psyches enriching life activities, fostering family, community and ultimately the world.  See Book Reviews.

May our own creativity and modes of expression, be they form or formless, drink 'til joy-filled and smile worthy of the wiles.  May all our efforts bind our hearts and sacred ties together.   See Stories and Heroes and Heroines.


The Quest for Truth

Now on to the second, the greatest quest, the quest for Truth and self-discovery.  What is this existence all about?  Why am I here? What is everyone else doing going about their 'thing"? What are all those lights up in the sky at night?  Why do I dream?  What is the mind and why is it sometimes dark?  Is love real? What is this emotional rollercoaster? Stop the world, I want to get off!! I don't think it is fun!  How do I get answers to my questions? ...especially when I don't trust anyone...when I think something is wrong with me...what a silly, impractical thought to color the world with grey thoughts alone, but I can do that...

For sure, I would probably not even be interested enough to pose the above questions if I did not experience my own private hardships and notice perturbations in my own private reflections.  It makes sense to search for something in an apparently dark world. In somber dark, the sun comes up regularly.  Why doesn't it just stay up and be done with it!

Obviously, I don't create things my way.  Others must importantly have a say in all this. So begins a personal seeking to ameliorate hardship and come to terms with others who hold a great mystery and who are certainly not on the quest to be me, but seem assuredly directed and doing their own independent quest.  What is going on! See Heroes and Heroines


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